Thursday, December 29, 2016

Daily Text 12/29/2016

"And a three-fold cord cannot be quickly torn in two, unless one of the cords realizes that the supposedly BIG cord is actually invisible, and the other cord is obsessed with the invisible cord, and it's more interested in being wrapped around that one than the one that's actually real." - Divorces 3:15

The surest sign that we are in God's spirit-directed organization is the fact that whenever anyone leaves their life is thrown into turmoil. Some vile, wicked apostates may claim that the turmoil is caused by the organization and their practices, but that would be folly on their part.

After all, God's organization encourages us to wrap our entire lives around a religion to the exclusion of anything else, and then makes sure that anyone who doesn't want to be there is completely and totally shunned. They also make sure to pick at relationships between believers and non-believers until the believers truly believe there's something wrong with their spouse, while also isolating them from the people who truly care about them unequivocally. I forgot where we were going with this, but anyone who says we wreck marriages is lying! No take-backsies.

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