Thursday, December 8, 2016

Daily Text 12/9/2016

"Ok, fine, be gay, but no butt stuff." - Anthony Morris 6:9

Do not our hearts fill with joy when we think of the homophobia required to be one of Jehovah's true servants? It is especially so when we see more research done on homosexuality than ever before, which has led science and the world at large to conclude that it's a normal part of nature, and therefore poses no threat to anyone.

That means that we as Jehovah's only true people must put ourselves through outstanding mental gymnastics to prove that it's still somehow wrong, like still insisting that AIDS is proof that it's unnatural (my mother truly believes this) or smugly stating that it's "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Little do we realize that this means we now have more in common with other ultra-conservative groups than ever before.

We can be especially proud of our brothers and sisters who are constantly depressed and attempt suicide because they feel that Jehovah doesn't count them as worthy. How grateful we are that they have chosen to live a lie all of their lives in the hopes of some nebulous reward that won't come and they know it, as opposed to living the way they want, and getting a reward that comes.

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