Monday, December 19, 2016

Daily Text 12/20/2016

"And so God called the whole of Israel together, especially the young people. Then he started talking about which kinds of sex practices were improper. And everyone got really uncomfortable, but no one said a thing, because they were in fear." - Consternations 46:32

The faithful and discreet slave has seen fit to provide much edifying material in this time of the end. They especially have seen fit to harp on sexual activities, and have taken great pains to specifically call out oral and anal sex in Bible discourses where young ones are present. This is an excellent thing in the eyes of our God!

Our hearts surely swell with an uncomfortable feeling when the speaker sort of avoids eye contact during these parts of the discourse. It's even better for our young ones when this is their first exposure to these concepts, all through the guise of protecting them! Quick, don't think about sex! HAHA YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT. YOU ARE NOW UNCLEAN.

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