Monday, January 9, 2017

Daily Text 1/9/2017

"And you shall have no other gods than me, do you hear? For I shall stamp my feet petulantly and murder the fuck out of you, I swear to Me." - Overreactions 6:9

Are Jehovah's Witnesses not the most joyful people on Earth? For if we are not the most joyful, then holy shit, what are we doing with our life. But we are! So everything's great!

 And we would never, ever want to lose that joy by doing something so distressing as "thinking," "applying rational thought to doctrines," or even, God forbid, "asking questions." Woe to those who do such things, for they will die at Armageddon, where birds will eat their eyeballs and worms will eat their flesh and rats will eat their testicles but none of the people who survived will have any diseases that could possibly be caused by billions of rotting corpses because reasons.

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