Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Text 1/12/2017

"And then the widow gave the two small coins, which means that you should give us all your money." - Donations 13:3

 When we beg for more money on JW Broadcasting, what is your reaction? We sincerely hope that as loyal and faithful servants of the Most High God Jehovah you pleeeeeease give us your money. We're building a jacuzzi at Warwick, and we'd like to fill it up with platypus tears.

But there are other reasons to give us your money! For example, were you aware that we're giving away lots of money in child abuse lawsuits? I hope you weren't, because otherwise it would be really weird that we're basically hurting people, getting fined for it, and then kicking the bill down to you. There's no guarantee that we're not going to mistreat you either. What a loving and kind arrangement!

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