Monday, January 23, 2017

Daily Text 1/23/2017

"Horses seized with sexual heat, having strong testicles, they have become. They neigh each one to the wife of his companion." - Jeremiah 5:8

Some have accused this publication of fabricating scriptures. Never may that be so! We worry people who make these baseless accusations could be considered apostates, and should rightly be shunned, and then killed in Armageddon, then everyone who once knew them should forget about them forever. And deservedly so!

To that end, for today's text, we're showing a scripture that absolutely, definitely appears in the Bible. Make no mistake, this is a scripture that you can look up in your very own copy. Are we not joyful that such edifying material appears in a book that we gladly hand to children and make them read along with us? Do we not appreciate the loving arrangement of our Heavenly Father who has provided such material to us, so that we may hurriedly skip over it while tittering and blushing?

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